MariaDB Galera Cluster involves more effort and resource to administer than standalone MariaDB systems. If you would like to learn how to better manage your MariaDB cluster, then this webinar series is for you. 

We will give you practical advice on how to introduce clusters into your MariaDB / MySQL  environment, automate deployment and make it easier for operational staff to manage and monitor the cluster using ClusterControl.

Language, Date & Time: 

English - Tuesday, September 30th @ 11am CEST: Management & Automation of MariaDB Galera Clusters

French - Tuesday, October 7th @ 10am CEST: Gestion et Automatisation de Clusters Galera pour MariaDB

German - Wednesday, October 8th @ 10am CEST: Verwaltung und Automatisierung von MariaDB Galera Cluster

High availability cluster configurations tend to be complex, but once they are designed, they tend to be duplicated many times with minimal variation. Automation can be applied to provisioning, upgrading, patching and scaling. DBAs and Sysadmins can then focus on more critical tasks, such as performance tuning, query design, data modeling or providing architectural advice to application developers. A well managed system can mitigate operational risk, that can result in significant savings and reduced downtime. 



MariaDB Roadshow - London

And if you’re in London this September, do join us at the MariaDB Roadshow event on Thursday, September 18th. We’ll be talking about Automation & Management of Database Clusters there as well and would love to talk to you in person! 

We look forward to talking to you during one of the webinars and/or see you at the MariaDB Roadshow!



Setting up, maintaining and operating a database cluster can be tricky. ClusterControl gives you the power to deploy, manage, monitor and scale entire clusters efficiently and reliably. ClusterControl supports a variety of MySQL-based clusters (Galera, NDB, 5.6 Replication) as well as MongoDB/TokuMX-based clusters.


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