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DevOps done right: Five tips for implementing database infrastructures

June 28, 2016

DevOps couldn’t be hotter. To cope with modern customer demands, applications need to be developed, tested and put into production swiftly. Industry experts have been preaching about DevOps for faster, more reliable software development. Gartner expects this development approach will go mainstream by the end of 2016. Read the commentary by Vinay Joosery.


Severalnines kicks off online European football streaming

June 28, 2016

Award-winning database management platform scores deal with continent’s largest online video solutions provider: Severalnines, Europe’s leading database performance management provider, today announced its latest customer, StreamAMG (Advanced Media Group), a UK-based pioneer in the field of bespoke online video streaming and content management. Read the press release

Tech IPOs: here’s why UK tech companies are choosing not to IPO

June 21, 2016

A combination of a buoyant private funding market and the various burdensome factors attached to going public means that a number of the UK's newest and most valuable tech companies are choosing to stay private. With quotes by Severalnines' Vinay Joosery. Read the story. 

Severalnines protects the UK insurance industry from risky bets

May 31, 2016

Fast, thorough database technology helps IIL handle over 100 million transactions a day. "ClusterControl gives us detailed insight into our database clusters in an intuitive format." Read the story.

Streaming and automation: will IT professionals be able to Netflix and chill?

May 23, 2016

Online services have become an integral part of consumer culture. Customers want instant reach to the companies they buy from, and adoption of digital advances in retail, music and banking confirm that customers yearn for more advanced ways of interaction. Next in line to digitise is the media and entertainment industry, hoping that ‘if you build it, they will come’, as once declared by The Fields of Dreams. By Vinay Joosery, Severalnines. Read the story. 


At These 125 Companies, All Or Most Employees Work Remotely

March 31, 2016

With advances in cloud services and videoconferencing technologies, it’s becoming more and more common for companies to be virtual, meaning the majority or entirety of their team telecommutes 100% of the time. Severalnines is listed by Forbes in this article on home-office structured companies. Read the story. 

Data 50 Awards 2016: winners announced

February 26, 2016

The UK's top data leaders and influencers were honoured at a glittering awards ceremony in London and Severalnines' Vinay Joosery wins with 4 others in the category 'Database'. Read the story

Make a profit from day one: 3 start-ups share how

February 17, 2016

What if you can’t get the finance you need? Or don’t want to borrow? Accessing money can be time-consuming and frustrating. Three reasons why many businesses actively choose to self-fund. With thoughts on the topic by Severalnines' Vinay Joosery. Read the story

Cyber Monday retail traffic spike solution finds its way to BT

February 04, 2016

BT Expedite, the retail unit of BT, has implemented Severalnines’ ClusterControl platform to manage MySQL database clusters and achieve agility on BT Cloud.

Expedite provides IT managed services to 100 retailers in 170 countries globally, including several UK retail chains such as Primark, WHSmith, Warehouse and Jigsaw.

The company was searching for an IT system to manage traffic spikes on eCommerce platforms, particularly during Cyber Monday and Christmas in the UK.

Severalnines’ ClusterControl platform will enable Expedite customers to deal with increased traffic to web, content and blog sites when shoppers review blogs and forums while buying.

Expedite has established a database cluster within 15 minutes and optimised its eCommerce platform rapidly.

Severalnines also provided auto-recovery for data apart from repair and database failure detection alerts.

Expedite is currently managing six MySQL database clusters using ClusterControl platform.

BT Expedite head of managed hosting Dominic Day said: “ClusterControl has surpassed our expectations. It was a perfect fix to time-consuming issues, especially the scalability and availability of the blog section of our customers’ websites.

“We are confident with big retail events around the corner that our systems can withstand the growth of traffic fuelled by consumer decisions.

Severalnines CEO Vinay Joosery said: “Providing the right omni-channel experience through social, mobile, online and offline is where retailers are heading to, and an agile infrastructure that is cost-efficient is a key part of that.

“We have enjoyed working with the innovative team at BT to put in place a fully automated and cross data-centre database infrastructure on BT Cloud.”

The 7 most common mistakes startups make, and how to avoid them

January 20, 2016

"From my experience, an intense amount of funding in a short space of time can blur your ambitions and business objectives." - Vinay Joosery, CEO, Severalnines

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